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Same old, same old.

As bitter as this sounds, I honestly do not think Robin is irreplaceable. As Arsene put it, “We depend on him offensively,” but even Chamakh, in his first six months at the club, filled the gap Robin left very well.

Yes, he went downhill from there, but he was more than capable replacement at the time. This time round we’ve got more than Chamakh. We have a player who’s earned 100 caps for Germany at the age of 27 and Ligue 1’s top scorer from last year. Hopefully we’ll see better performances from Gervinho after his one year “adaptation period” in the Prem.

We all saw how he did at the Euros, without Song and Theo around him. He will not receive the same kind of on-field service at any other club. Mark my words.

What hurts the most is that I honestly thought he was different. I really did. We all saw pictures of him in an Arsenal shirt even before he become a teenager, he spoke about money ruling football, and he fought for us on the pitch. I thought he was the first great captain we had since Vieira, but he turned out to be yet another back stabber.

It pains all Arsenal fans, but can you imagine what Arsene’s feeling? He stuck by Robin through 7 mediocre, injury-plagued seasons, finally gave him his chance to be the main man, converted him from an angry winger to a clinical number 10 and this is how Robin repays him?! Disgraceful to say the least.
Are we really expected to believe that a new contract and wages weren’t discussed? Not only that, it’s all fine and well for Robin to want the club to show some ambition but since when did he have a say in their future strategy? The club will always be bigger than you. His whole statement stinks of him trying to get the fans on his side, to make his decision seem acceptable to the fans but it really isn’t working. He’s undermined the club and lost everyone’s respect. He makes us seem desperate to sell him, which will obviously lower his value in the transfer market.

A lot of people are saying that keeping him for another season is the best we can do, but after a lot of thought, I disagree. Remember how Arsenal fans treated Adebayor in ‘08/’09 after he announced that he wanted to leave, but ended up staying? Robin will get ripped to shreds by our fans.

Honestly, apart from King Henry, and maybe Na$ri and Clichy to some extent, can you think of a single other Gunner who has been “successful” since they left London in the last 10 years? I can’t.

I read that we will not deal with City after the Na$ri saga, but if they’re offering a lot more than any other club, I’d take the money. We could ask for Dzeko/ De Jong plus cash in exchange for Robin.
I will not boo nor will I applaud Robin in the future, I’m just going to be indifferent towards him. I just hope that he realises one day what a big mistake he made.

Tony Adams once said, “I will sign every contract Arsenal put in front of me without reading it.” What’s happened to those kind of players? Football has been overrun by player-power and greed. Football is dead.

Players will come and go, but not a single one of them is bigger than the club. The worse we get, the louder I’ll sing. Come on, Arsenal.

I saw a few tweets I really liked reading. I hope you do, too:
‏”@diggermattscott: Time for context: RvP joined in May 2004. Before his 38 starts this season, he’d made 111 in 7 yrs. His next club better have good doctors.”
“@JohnWilson14: Dear Robin, you will be paid more but you will never be loved as much again. Worth it? #RVP”
“@reicecookiecook: Tbh im an Arsenal fan not a van persie fan so fuck it #GoonerForLife”
“@JonnyOneill: We love them, they often leave us And that is why we should never forget our love for the man who stays to pick up the pieces. Arsene knows”
(This tweet, from Gary Neville, is an absolute gem):
“@GNev2: Only a passenger on a ship remember! The ship will always be there!!”