Show me the money

Before I begin, I’d like to point out that I’m not anti-Arsene. I’m grateful for everything he has done for the club and fanbase over the years, but right now, I’m about to reach my tipping point. I haven’t as yet, but I’m not far from it. No, this is not an overreaction to one game. The loss to Villa was a reflection to our absolute shit summer, where promises have been broken and we have all been lied to be by the board and the manager.

What the fuck is going on? What has happened to our Arsenal?

We go into the first game of the new season with a squad that was weaker than the one that faced Newcastle on the last day of last season. How ridiculous is that? We have 100m+ (some suggest we have 180m) and we brought in one player on a free transfer.

I said this on twitter and some people were quick to reply with, “Who have United bought again?” Did we win the title or did they?

They were the champions. The best team in the land. Numero uno. It’s totally understandable if they make one signing, if not none, because they have proved that that squad is good enough to carry them over the line. If you think that we don’t need any additions/improvement from the squad we currently have, why did we finish fourth? If we were that good, shouldn’t we have won the title instead?

Some even went as far to say “Have Madrid signed Bale yet? And have Barca signed a Centre Back?” Grow the fuck up. Barca won the title and have bought one of the hottest talents in football, Madrid have signed two quality midfielders and one great right back.

What I am trying to say is that they have enough in the tank to let these “sagas” drag on till midnight of August 31st because their current squad is good enough to take maximum points out of all their games in August. We do not.

I am incredibly happy at the fact that we got rid of so many players who simply weren’t good enough, but if we aren’t going to replace them, what is the point?

People go on about how big signings take time. I get that (to some extent), but what about the “lesser” ones? Would it take months to try and convince Malaga or Swansea to let go of Gamez and Williams respectively? Of course not. Put the money on the table, X on the dotted line, shake his hand and he’s now an Arsenal player. Simple as that.

Instead, we haggle and bid less than what they’re asking for, they say no, and the deal’s dead. Stop fucking about. If Liverpool want 50m, why mess around and bid 49m? They get frustrated, we think we’re being smart and it’s down the shitter. What an absolute farce.

What has surprised me the most this season is that Arsene hasn’t made the signings we all expected him to make.

I’m not a fan of Julio Cesar, but for 1.5m? Come on. Who cares if he’s asking for 80k a week? Give it to him. He’s repeatedly said that he wants to stay in London and if Szczesny’s performance yesterday hasn’t convinced Wenger that we need another keeper, I don’t know what will. Szczesny was good in his breakthrough season, yes, but could have done a lot better over the last two seasons. I said this before, and I’ll say it again; we have not addressed our goalkeeper problems ever since Jens left. We overlooked it, trying different keepers out and they all leave us disappointed.

I was talking to a mate of mine. I asked him this; “Imagine Arshavin never joined Arsenal and he stayed with Zenit since that incredible Euro ’08 and his career slowly faded away like it has (Similar to Eto’o right now, but not on crazy wages). Would we be saying to each other ‘I think he’s worth a punt’?” I think so.

How sad.

That’s what it’s come to. Even when we can afford the best around.

Don’t want to take the filthy Tottenham as an example, but I must. If you think Soldado, Paulinho, and Capoue wouldn’t have improved us, I think you might have been dropped on the head a few times as a baby. We have been linked with all three before, with Arsenal clearly interested. Yes, they might not be world class, but how can you argue that they aren’t great additions to the squad? I would have taken all three at Arsenal, and I’ve even read that Chadli is the real deal.

Coming to the possibility of signing Suarez or Rooney. I’d welcome both of them to Arsenal with open arms.

Who cares if Rooney cheated and ended our unbeaten run?

Who cares if Suarez is a despicable human being?

He’s one of the best strikers in the world. That’s what we should look at. His footballing abilities, not the baggage that comes with him. That is secondary. He’s going to be scoring goals for my team, not taking my sister out on a date. Same goes for Rooney.

I’m sure Moyes knows that if he sells WR to Chelsea, they will win the league. If Rooney really pushes for the exit door, I think Moyes will prefer selling him to us than them. We have the money. Why not make them seriously consider? Put that 40m bid on United’s table and they will be licking their lips. Not saying they will, but why not test the waters?

That’s exactly what our side lacks right now. One out and out goalscorer. Someone who gets half a sniff at goal and buries it. Look at our home games vs Everton in our last two seasons. 1-0 win and 0-0 draw. Both were tight games, where we battered around the park and what was the difference? One moment of magic by the person who shall not be named. That’s what world class players do. They score chances you don’t expect them to score.

There’s no other person I’d rather see than Arsene Wenger guide us to trophy after trophy, but right now, it’s not looking likely. As harsh as this may sound, if we do not get past Fenerbahce in the qualifiers, he should get the sack, in my honest opinion. We shouldn’t have to put up with his stubbornness and naivety for the rest of the season. No, I don’t know who can replace him, and it’s not my job.

It’s crazy how much this club means to me. We could lose our next 5 games but I’d still be up at 5 am for the next one.

Put your money where your mouth is. It’s Arsenal FC, not Arsene FC.

Always The Arsenal.


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